Monday, December 13

slow on the blog-writing :S

ok ok....I've got to get myself into some sort of actually SITTING up at the computer instead of always lying on the couch with the laptop and reading, lol

busy weekend crocheting and relaxing - didn't really bust my butt cleaning or laundry-ing but got what I needed to done. Even took pics of some of my projects, will have to get them d/l and u/l yet..time to buy myself a new desktop computer so it isn't torture with slowwwwwwness like the way it is now.

Got 3 scarves crocheted, all blocks so tons of ends to sew in. I tried to make that part a bit more enjoyable or relaxing by saving up each bit I cut off and throwing it into a "bird nest" fund. I always throw all the little bits out in the yard,....cast them to the wind, and then watch the following spring to see if I can scout out any of the yarn in little nests!! Cool huh? I saw one nest one time with one of my little yarn strings and was thrilled..

Also got a camouflage yarn neckwarmer crocheted for a 12 year old boy. His mom says he loses scarves by the dozens so figured a neckwarmer would be safe since it would be wrapped on him for the day.

These were things I had sold last week,....a few bucks rolling my way today for my stash enhancement, LOL
will post the pics soon