Sunday, January 2

63 squares a squaring

Well I think I'm making decent progress on the 63 square along....I started two days ago and am now on square #13 (I'm making them in order). I found a couple of them irrrrrritating to do, but it's only a 7inch square to do so I hung in there, LOL. I still have to get pics of them up and posted, so will hopefully do that tomorrow, as on Tuesday the wonderful break off work is over and I'm back in the biz of workin all day and just crocheting at lunch! My my how the world is cruel to us obsessers of wool creation hey? LOL
My dog will sure miss his mommy around the house all day tho...then again he might wave me out the door happily knowing he'll have a whole day of sleep without mommy disturbings....gotta wonder how their little minds work..

back to square 13...good thing it's not being made on a Friday? :S