Tuesday, May 2

SnB Ladylike gloves

Well I finally got some pictures off my camera.
I re-did the ladylike gloves from SnB Crochet book in the proper sock-type yarn. I bought Regia Cotton, which I must say is gorgeous feeling stuff. They turned out great.
I got a thing about fingerless gloves, I keep making different ones, but haven't worn them lots, but I know I'll keep making more.

I started a class at university for spring - Introduction to Statistical Analysis, so getting back into the "study" mode. It's a nice break from the usual day to day routine so as long as I can keep up my concentration levels and doing the homework I'll do okay and be happy with myself.

Don't ya just love spring?? This was my view all morning while I was crocheting and drinking coffee on the weekend.
Lots of yard work, but those hours of peace listening to the birds, wind and trees on the weekends are so beautiful when we can seen this at a glance.

I'm slowly catching up the the bloglines reading, just haven't been writing too much. Hope I haven't bored you away....Curly says keep reading us, LOL