Tuesday, March 28

ack, no title

geez, braindead on a title even, haha.
What a beautiful relaxing weekend with some spring weather, snow melting and awesome sunshine!! I sat outside on the deck with my coffee and gave my dog a good brushing, again,....and again. He's losing his winter undercoat so there is so much hair shaking off him and sticking to everything. He really likes the way the brushing feels though and enjoys the grooming.
I crocheted a pair of "Totally Tubular" socks from the recent edition of quick & easy Crochet mag. Mostly front-post and back-post so it wasn't the fastest moving project, but they'll make a great pair of socks to wear in the house as slippers. No pic yet, but will as soon as I finish them up.
Also started re-making the Ladylike Lace fingerless gloves from the new Stitch 'n' bitch Crochet mag. The first ones, shown here before seaming, handwarmer-fromSnBCrochet, are better for wearing in the winter over some of those cheapie stretch gloves. I have pretty small hands, so this yarn was a bit big. I bought some gorgeous Regia cotton/wool mix sock yarn for the ones I'm making now and they'll fit good...almost like a glove, baddddddddd pun there hey.
That's about it on the crochet and knitting front, I never seem to have enough time during the week to do more and I miss it and crave to do more.
I also made up and sent a pattern in for the crochet a day calendar, but :( haven't heard a word from them yet, so maybe it's a bust.