Friday, March 3

Felted hobo bag

Finally, I'm posting some pics/specs of the hobo bag I made. I must say, the Paton's Class Wool is NO FAILING and p.e.r.f.e.c.t for felting. It felts so tightly there is zero stitch definition and the fabric is awesome for a bag. This one was exciting as a lady ordered it special made and paid me a nice amount to make it for her too. She absolutely loved it as I did.

Here it is before felting:

and after:


Pattern: LIONBRAND Crochet hobo Bag ( and search in ‘purses’ and ‘kitchen cotton’ for pattern link)
The pattern calls for kitchen cotton.

VERSION 1, commissioned for and SOLD
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool approx 2 sk black, ½ sk gray, ½ sk light gray, ½ sk blueberry
Hook: 5.5 mm

Bag part 20” wide (12” after)
Bag part to handle 19” high (11” after)
Handle part 33” long (26” after)

This yarn felted like a DREAM!! And very quickly too, 1 wash did it.

I have another one I made out of Alafoss Lopi, but I haven't taken the "after" pic of yet, doh.

I managed to scoop up a few more skeins of this at Lewiscraft at lunch today - everything there, including yarn is 30% off.