Wednesday, March 1

A few things I've been doing

Here's a few of the things I've been working on. Mostly on weekends which is my big crochet therapy time. I'd sure get a lot more done during the week if I wasn't so bagged from work, but that's my blog reading time, just zoning out with the laptop and doggy on the couch. Curly's hilarious, when he wants attention, his way of saying "get off the damn computer and play with me", he'll put his head under my right arm and headbutts my arm so the mouse will go flying and I can't compute. Too smart eh.

"Alpaca Angel Crochet Shawl"
Pattern: free pattern shared graciously by Kristin. She has some great stuff on her site, have a looksee.
Hook: 6.5mm
Yarn: Joann Sensations Rainbow Boucle – 1 ball

Pic from the front, modelled by my friend (supervised by Curly)

and from the back

Gorgeous eh? Pattern was very easy to follow, worked great with the rainbow boucle. I haven't put ribbons or fringe of any sort on yet, as usual I can't make up my mind on that, LOL