Thursday, January 19

Wish granted for me

I'm so freakin excited right now I'm in tears!! The radio station, HOT103Live just phoned me and said they were granting my wish (they have a WISHLIST where you email a wish and they pick and choose and grant wishes) - my wish was for a sh*tload of yarn to keep making snuggleblankies for the animal shelters!!!!!!!!!! HOW Freakin cool is that?? I just emailed the other day figuring, what the heck, why not - I hear them calling someone every morning as I'm driving to work giving tickets, a guitar, whatever. O.M.G. Anyways the DJ phoned and did a little interviewee thing with me so I'll be on the radio sometime this week I guess too (blush). whooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'll be on the crochet bandwagon fast and furious hoping to hit the 300 blankie mark soon.