Friday, December 9

My Snuggle blankie project

I don't think I've ever posted the article the newspaper had done on my Snuggle Blankies project. I hope it's readable here. I'm still making snuggle blankies, just not steadily every day as I was in the beginning. I lovvvve the thought of knowing I could make a blankie and give a pet awaiting adoption a little big of comfort. I think I'm around 265 blankies now, but my record log is at home and I'm posting this from my office.

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yet again I'm promising myself to get all my pictures of my crochet projects done in the last few weeks uploaded on my blog over the weekend. Seems time and/or energy is always running away from me. I'm spending more time reading all my books on the weekend too just to "peace out", and have to finalize wrapping some out of town gifts this weekend.

Thanks for reading me,...and waiting for "readables".