Wednesday, October 26

Against my own policy

LOL, well, it's totally against my own policy to post a pic of me, but my g/f took this pink in my pink, yes, finally I have something pink again, Spider-lacy poncho I made from the BHG Learn to Crochet mini-mag that they put out last year. I missed finding it in Winnipeg, by that bestest of all best shoppers, Kelly found it for me in Ottawa and brought it with her when she came in September. This would actually look pretty cool in black I think. I crocheted it from Bernat Chunky, so it's really soft and was inexpensive to make. I think I used about 4 skeins to make it. The 'over the head' part is kinda tight though and I can just barely get it over my brain container so if I made it again I'd make a looser, verrry loose beginning chain for it.

I've been getting my I-cord made up for the new felted "Kellybag" I made so should have that here by the weekend.

Weather here is beautifully sunny every day so it's nice being able to park my ass on a bench outside at lunchtime and soak the sunshine in while getting my yarn fix. Love it,...please stay here sun.