Monday, September 5

Holiday stash

One thing I hadn't posted yet was my pic of my holiday stash shopping. When I was on holidays I allowed myself "guilt-free" yarn shopping - what a great plan for holidays hey? My long coveted Microspun LB yarn - used to make the ripple shawl. Also, first time I ever saw the Sirdar YoYo yarn - woooo. At $45 a pop, I'm glad I saw it on holidays and could buy it guilt-free. And because I don't have a Joanne's here and they won't ship to Canada :( I haven't been able to try the Joanne's Rainbow Boucle yet, so you bet I bought the Sirdar YoYo. Also finally picked up some sock yarn to try as well, and Homespun yarn on sale for less than $5. Normally it's priced at 7.99 at Michaels. Anyways, yarn makes me happy so I got it all.

I think my dog liked it too, LOL - look at that smile!!