Thursday, August 11

Christmas Christmas

What a surprise when I went to my mailbox today (after not leaving the house since Sunday!). I figured I should get out and about and do a bit of shopping, but some of that came right to me.

Thank you Jaclim for your happy note and gorgeous Anchor thread from my wish list. I love the bookthong you made for me - those glass beads are stunning. Thank you for thinking of me.


And Vera, my special elf girl. I was literally like a kid whipping through all the special goodies you sent to me. Everything is absolutely wonderful! I am sitting here taking a walk down the streets of Charleston with the walking tour book and postcard you sent me. What a beautiful city for me to walk thru on my vacation today!! I love the crocheted goodies and fridge magnet with the delicate little dolphins. I'm a weenie when it comes to crocheting pineapple pattern so I will treasure the double pineapple bookmark. And the thread in your doily I've admired for a long time when I saw the Autumn doily you had made out of it and showed on your blog. Now I have one!!!! Thank you for everything.


So the clouds are spitting down some rain here today, but it doesn't matter cause I am on Cloud 9 with warm Christmas thoughts surrounding me.