Wednesday, July 20

Gale force storm

Yikes, we had such a storm Saturday night...only seen wind and rain and lightning like that once before. I was awoken with the sound of a CRASH and thought something had come thru the window. Well, 2 of our 75foot trees crashed onto the side of the roof and tumbled down into the front yard right by my bedroom window. Two more part trees were broken and on the roof, and another few in the back of the property. HUGE trees, sad to see them go. Of course we didn't see any of this til the next morning. The power was out and all I could see was the front yard was covered by a tree lying down; and this was seen by the flashes of lightning. Scary. Fortunately only fascia and eavestrough and a few shingles are damaged but the eavestrough is bent to crap.
I'll just leave you with some of the pics.