Thursday, July 14

Nest Recycling

OMG, the robin did indeed lay another batch of eggs in the same nest under our deck. I had seen her always flying under there again, then lately flying under always with a worm or few in her beak, and I peeked quietly last night and saw four little baby beaks sticking up in the air waiting for their "worm take-out delivery" to arrive. They're so teeny and cute, I'll attempt getting another picture of the new ones this weekend.

I've been real busy crocheting blankies again for the animal shelter - I think I have close to another 10 to deliver. Haven't taken photos yet, but they're made for animal's comfort more than beauty, and made from donated yarn and stash materials. I can just picture kitties and puppies cuddling up on them and it makes me feel good.

Very exciting as most of my RAOK's that I've sent are arriving. The ones in the States are taking almost two weeks to get there so of course I'm continually checking Crochetville RAOKlist thank you board to see when mail arrives. It's an awesome feeling seeing how I can send something out and make someone else's day a great one. Just as exciting as receiving a RAOK, for me anyways.

I'm behind on picture taking. It's been so hot and muggy here it just sucks the energy out of me after a full day's work and getting home, attempting to eat something healthy and then it's like I just crash on the couch and read my bloglines and Crochetville til it's beddybye time. My dog loves that time too, he just lays lengthwise along my body on the top of me (hence making sure I don't go anywhere), and falls asleep. It's really cute, and relaxes me a lot too.

Hmm, what else.....I notice things. On my way coming to work I see a ditzy blonde driving her little convertible, with the roof down when it's raining. Ummmm, yah, ditzy. Then I see she's got not one, but a few air fresheners hanging from her mirror. Ummm, yah, ditzy - the fresh air from your convertible roof being down isn't fresh enough? hahahaa...struck me as funny. Sometimes I have too much time to think..but it was a Seinfeld kinda moment.