Tuesday, June 14

I saw another needle

oh boy I don't know where the time's been going. I'm so behind in a lot
of my blog reading. Still waiting for some nice weather to kick in here too. The
few times on weekends when I've been able to sit on the deck and have my morning
coffee and crochet for hours on end have been AWESOME though. Relaxing and
bigtime rejuvenation. Just happens to be one of my doggy's favorite pastimes too, LOL. He seems to be highly amused watching a fly and trying to catch it
which amuses me to no end, ahhhh quality mom and dog time, haha. What a sweetie he is.


I took on a new challenge last week, re-learning how to knit! A student at work volunteered to show me as a favour after I pointed out a ton of crochet patterns for her, so I thought I'd take her up on it rather than trying to figure it out from a book.
It was pretty wonky looking at first and felt so awkward by I got the hang of it. I could never do "purl" stitch when I was a kid so that was like a 'brain-lock' that I just wanted to get over.
And I got it, the coolest thing was making a dishcloth just like the kind my mom makes! Mom always knit but never crocheted.
Anyways, I know it won't take over my love of crocheting, but it's nice to know I could try out different patterns or things to make and take my choice of knit or crochet.

Here's a picture of the first dishcloth and the second one I made. Sure can see how my tension has gotten better already.

and (2) knit-dishcloth2

Not bad huh?

I've also got several crochet projects on the go of course. I'll do another
post in a bit on that. Trying to do some catchup, keep smiles on. :)