Tuesday, May 31

"coast"ering along

I'm totally enjoying my crocheting things still, but for some reason I'm feeling I'm "lacking" in the inspirational joy of what I've completed or what I want to make next. Not sure if it's because I'm just doing small things with thread lately, like bookmarks and coasters and doilies, or that it's not wearable, or because it's not for a specific person, or what? (I need a bitchslap with one of those crocheted doilies upside the head maybe?) LOL
Here's a few little summer coaster thingies I made up
I'm thinking I should make some matching bookmarks for them perhaps.

I also have a new WIP in thread, a 36" tablecover. Another pattern find in one of my older 1998 Crochet Fantasy mags when they had a good assortment of projects in their magazines. It kinda drives me crazy that I can't find a good source for more assorted thread colors here in Winnipeg. I need a thread gift for myself. note to self: check with Jaclim on her threads (which are AWESOME btw) and what the shipping costs to Winnipeg approximately would be. Jaclim lives in the Phillipines I think and (she's from Crochetville)and they have access mostly to thread not yarn.

Well, back to Linear Algebra studying!! I'm totally enjoying that course but lacking concentration in that of late too.

hmm, maybe a cheesecake or DQ Blizzard run might help?