Monday, May 16

A few weeks ago I scooped some great old crochet mags and book at the Children's Hospital Used book sale. Happy me!!'
Since I seem to be hooked on thread crochet lately, I was thrilled to find a doily book 101smalldoilybook
and.. for your viewing pleasure, hehe, 10 old crochet mags with great patterns, picked up for around $1 each!!
and more "sheep" thrills

These should keep me going for awhile, in between getting a fix of crochet publications at a store.

I still have to take pictures of my two shawls that I made, and yes...more bookmarks. One of the bookmarks I made and LOVE making is The Crochet Dude's new pattern Gingko Bookmark. Beautiful pattern and simple to memorize and crochet anywhere. Thanks for sharing your pattern Drew. :)