Monday, May 2

made a DOT pattern

Hey, I finished my DOT's Gentle Ripple poncho pattern on the weekend. It was a nicely written pattern to follow and I think the result is quite pretty. It's made of a tweed acrylic, sport weight for summer.
thanks Dot! (Mr. Planthead is the model, LOL)

I have so many pictures to update I'll probably do it over several days so I don't overload/over bore you. I was busy crocheting all weekend again, and one of these days I'll actually update my WIP Wednesday too.

I've been having fun working on bookmarks from the 3 dozen+1 booklet I got awhile ago. It was strange working with thread again, but thread was all I worked with about 6 years ago,...then everyone I knew got "doily'd out", haha.
Here's a little plethora of the last week's threading (left hand corner is a card from Andrea with HankChipper, hahaaa). Thank you for the card and yarn snippit samples Andrea.


Time to scare up some supperfood, yech.