Wednesday, April 6

Spring and ladybugs

Well, I hope it's officially here. I saw a ladybug crawling on the bench I was sitting on for coffee break today!! Weather in Winnipeg in actually, finally, really really really nice!! LOL It is so nice being able to grab my book or crochet and take it outside and sit for a whole hour at lunch without moving and just listening to birds. I heard a robin singing this morning too when I took poochieboy out for his biz before I left for work. LOVE IT!! Looking forward to spending a Saturday on my deck with coffee and crochet all day too.

I finished a doggie-afghan for a large dog on the weekend, will post pics when I d/l them from the camera. Also working on another ripple afghan for a 1 year old. Almost finished the Martha Camp Cupcake poncho as well, 2 more scallop rounds and the collar and I'll be donning it on the bod. I made it out of Bernat Harmony in a silk green color, ...I hope it looks half as good on me as I hope it will.

Here's a pic of the 3rd afghan I ever made. I have no idea what pattern it was, but I do remember being so proud that I taught myself to read a pattern.

More news sometime soon. Gotta catch up on my blog reading and holding the couch down, LOL.