Monday, March 28

Lots of crocheting

I'm turning into a weekly blogger lately..just never have the umpfh to use any brainpower writing in the evenings..I'm sure as soon as it's nicer out and I hear the geese flying overhead I'll know for sure then that Spring isn't a figment of my imagination, it is actually real. On the bright side, two people at work said they heard geese flying on the weekend!! ?

I have been busily crocheting lots though. I hit my goal on working on doggie/kitty blankies for shelter animals last week, so finished another 10 of those up. I used some preemie blankie patterns d/l off the net.

Beth's Star Afghan – very easy pattern to follow and very enjoyable to work on.



A preemie size ripple – perfect size for shelter animals


I love making ripple afghans.

I made a little wrist bag on the weekend too. It's made of Lily Sugar Babie's cotton with a 5.00 mm hook, and the flower is made of a scrap of shiny yarn. It turned out pretty cute. The pattern was graciously shared by Crochetdiva from Crochetville. It's such a cute little bag, perfect for a casual evening/going out bag where ya don't have to carry every thing that you own (like I usually do, haha)


I've also started the Lionbrand "M" poncho but ran out of yarn so will pick up a skein on the way home tonite, as well as started another cape/poncho off the Lionbrand site which is made out of Homespun that I had in my stash from when it was on sale. It's $8 regular price here in Canada which is too much I think, for stash-adding at least. Those are my WIP's for the week that I'll be working on.

Oh, I made my first mile-a-minute babysize afghan too, I'm adding that to the snuggle project donations. I have to do a count on my snuggle blankie blankets I've made but I think I'm over 250 blankets in the past year!! Isn't that awesome!! Man it feels good knowing there's 250+ animals out there that were made just a tiny bit more comfortable in their kennels while waiting to be adopted. You can read more about the worldwide Snuggles project at


til next time...keep good thoughts!