Friday, February 18

Ripple bananas

yep, I have gone ripple nuts I think. Took a much needed February vacation day today, slept in gloriously, and got up and had a ...hmm, 3 or 4 hour quality break with my coffee. Hey..I don't wake up fast - okay?

I finished off not one, but TWO more round ripple blankets, both for donation to the Humane Society. I just smile looking at what I'm calling the watermelon ripple blankie. Now wouldn't this make you do a double-take and love the little dog or cat snuggled up to it and want to adopt it and give it a great loving home?
It thought it looked so cute, and just kind of wanted to make itself once I grabbed the first two colors, well I had to go dig out a dark green for the rind! LOL

The other one was my week's project which I always have going and carry around the house and work on it whatever room I'm in.


and yes, don't be surprised, I'm working on another one as we speak. The colors are hideous if you think of some of the old clothes your mom used to make you wear (I had these wretched purple fortrel pants),...ewhhhh to think of them now. Somehow the colors look so cute in a snuggle blankie though.