Wednesday, January 26

Finger candy

Very exciting, I was reading my usual blogs, and opened Jaymie's Little
Crochet Corner
and saw that she had put my button on!!  Coooooool. 
Thanks Jaymie.

Well, I've done it!! I've joined the Ripple-Along
I've never crocheted a ripple anything (but I do like butterscotch ripple - does
that count for anything? LOL)

It's time I made a few snuggle blankies for shelter animals, so I think I'll
be starting with some ripple blankets for fur babies.  The "Hugs
for Homeless Animals
" snuggles project gives great ideas and also has
patterns for blankies too.  Especially in the Winnipeg cold winters here it
warms my heart some to do something for these dogs and cats who don't have
owners to snuggle up to yet.

I'm going to use the Easy
Ripple Pattern
which appears quick and easy and great for charity
projects.  It will make a good project for picking up anytime and anywhere
in the house.

I've also gotten the guts to start up my first felted project!!!! and
finished it last night.  It was fast and very simple so far, I'll be
felting it on the weekend and taking before and after pictures.  The
anticipation of it..... :)  I made a large tote bag, using Marlo's pattern, except I changed the handles to be shoulder handles. 
Depending on the size it felts to will decide what I'll use it for.  I
think it will be nice for carrying my "on the go" WIP's.

Check out this yummy little stash enhancement gift to me from me.  Nummy
nummy finger candy for me.


That's it for now.., and always, thanks for reading.