Monday, January 17

63 square update "Popcorn Hell"

I sat in the smoke filled cavern of the laundry room, stuck in POPCORN HELL (37, 38, 39, 41),....knowing that I would, or could, escape soon. That is what kept me going - it had started last Sunday, Square #37, stared me in the face. It looked like a challenge I was up for, I know it would not be kind to me, but I felt I had the fortitude to face it! With my hook in hand as a weapon, I began, and I was surviving....winning in fact!!

Then came Monday. Armed only with that hook and my yarn and 30 minutes of freedom at lunch break, we found a place of warmth and solitude together. We battled on, together, as the rows continued. Then to my horror, by Tuesday at lunch it seemed the popcorn rows were not even growing at all! By Wednesday I thought I saw the smallest movement of life in it. By Thursday I could tell its spirit was weakening and I knew if I held on that I could do it. My strength grew from the meager portions of a breakfast bar and salad with fat free dressing, which gave me enough stamina to win this fight. THEN I SAW!! I saw that popcorn braid #37 was not ready to give up so easily....for behind it, ready to attack, was #38 Diagonal Popcorn square..and then.....AND if that wasn’t enough to daunt any crocheter, I saw #39 Popcorn Diamond, waiting with a smirk on its evil bobbled face, waiting silently for me. I didn’t and wouldn’t give up. For I knew something they did not, and that was that I had the powerful weapon of a weekend in store!!

For Saturday was just around the corner, and I would be free to battle them with hours at hand. Armed with my coffee, my comfortable polar fleece housecoat, and having my strength renewed with a calorie laden meal, I would win. I could win!! I DID WIN!!

Today I work at a comfortable pace with square #47 in hand.
Pics to follow in my 63 square gallery, hopefully tonite.