Thursday, January 6 the comments now the comments now,. I had them hidden. Learning by babee steps babee steps...still playing around with the css code as well, would like to put one of my own photos up.
I do a lot of photography in spurts, haven't done much this year at all, but it's always on my mind. I do have a couple of photos up in the university exhibition til sometime this month. I'll scan them at some point and put copies up here. I'm mostly into landscape peaceful type feeling pics the last while.

And hadn't mentioned it yet, my g/f got me BOTH sets of the Seinfeld DVD collection for Xmas and birthday....the coveted collection. Love the humour in that show, can't be beat. And her hubby, [they live in Ottawa], got her an AIRLINE TICKET to come out for a girlie visit in February...counting the days, and I bet she's counting the M&M's that'll be here waiting for her [Costco barrel sized bag is what we'll usually pound back when she's here, mwhahahhaaa]. Woooo...we're starting to plan what we'll do already. First thing after I pick her up at the airport is we're going to go to Michael's and craft shop together, YAY.

I've finished square 21 of the 63 square along will be posted by the weekend, ....

later dudettes :)