Tuesday, January 4

hmm Doings or Do-ings

hmm...hopefully [since it's not really a word] people won't be thinking, "what the heck is a DOING"... LOL maybe I should add that to my things to fix list, haha

Back to work today, holy crap every busy with classes starting for the new term today. Didn't have a moment to even check my email til noon-ish. I did get "gifted" with an 'oh so yummy' box of Laura Secord miniatures chocolates....locked them in my file cabinet to keep MY fingers out of them after 'testing' a few of them first of course, hehe
So needless to say have not got a lot of crocheting done today :( almost finished another block of the 63 square afghan and still have to resize the pics and get them up here as well....soon my pretties, soon...

It's -46 with the windchill here today, YOUCH the pain...yes, you read right minus 46..how do we manage to survive that? Amazing how adaptable we really are..with the help of many crocheted scarves and hoods and mitts and gloves and and and.....yay..I must go shopping for more yarn hey?