Saturday, January 22

A Roving we will go....

So there I am,…sitting and working away on Square #58 of the 63-square afghan, and damn if I don’t start to feel that “end of project angst”. Anyone else ever feel that?Even though I’m excited that I’ll soon be on to the next step of it, and certainly have some hours of work on it to make it look like an afghan, I’m still feeling angst. I should be so proud of myself, and I guess I am, for not giving up or getting bored and moving to another WIM. I’m surrounded by 57 little squaresmouse size blankets I’m having thoughts of OMG, what will I do next? Which WIM? What yarn will I use? Where’s the pattern for it? Stupid huh. Maybe it’s cause I think the next WIP will be one of the coveted “felted bags”, and that’s an experiment in itself. I have a bunch of balls of what I THINK is roving, from what I’ve seen what roving looks like on different sites. roving Also have some balls of actual wool but it’s not in the colors I’d really like a bag for me to be made from, so ….we’ll see.

My mom received the lapghan/shawl thingie I made for her this week and loved it. She used to do tons of knitting, had never learned much crochet and is always freaked when she realizes I learned crochet. She kept saying “even though it’s full of holes, it’s warmer than any blanket I have”. That’s the way my grandpa used to describe lace…material full of holes. LOL

Holy crap there’s a lot of snow here. It’s been snowing and slippery driving all fuggin week and was pretty daunting on the spirit. I took a day of vacation on Friday just to rejuvenate myself. backyard1
The back yard looks darn pretty, but only from the warm cozy insides of a house.

So……by square #60, which was a dream to work on, like 56 onwards have been, I’m thinking hey – I might join the Ripple-along at Crochetville!! One of my WIM has been the ripple scarf from the Quick & Easy Knitting & Crocheting premiere issue, and I have a bright pink and black ripple scarf vision in my head. I love bright colors and black. I’ve never worked on a ripple anything (other than butterscotch ripple everything LOL) and think it’s high time I tried that. It will make a good at home or couch workin’ project and that way I can bring the 63 squares, day at a time, in my bag to work for my lunchtime peace therapy crochet session. YAY, decision made…..I’m better now, LOL.

I've updated my 63-square gallery too,'s at the top right of this page.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!!