Sunday, January 30

Mini Ripple makes happy dog

Well, here's a little pic of my first ever ripple blanket.ripple-jersey  I made a
smaller "happy dog" size which will be either for Jersey, my friend's
new doggy or a shelter pup.  Brooke wanted a blankie for Jersey to be comfy
cozy warm with, but maybe she will want different colors.  I'll let her
decide when she sees this one.  (besides that, I think she actually wants
TWO of them, one for baby dog to lie on and one to wrap him in to warm up after
he comes in from romping in the snow).  Brooke LOVES pink but Jersey's a
boy so I don't think he will want a pink blankie, LOL  I started the ripple
blanket yesterday with my morning coffee, and finished it by the end of the
night, after a totally relaxing jammie day, hehe.  I love R&R weekends

I also grabbed a whack of some donated wool this morning and made a kitty bed kittybedwhich Midnight
has so kindly put a free pattern
up on her site.  Thanks MK!!  It turned out really cute, and I can
just visualize one of the shelter kitties bedding down and having a very cozy
all day kitty nap in it.  Again, happy colors with the yellow border in

Of course Pinkie the panther didn't stay in that kittybed very long - Curly felt the major need to rescue him and put him back where HE thought Pinkie should be!! haha

So I'm starting to make another ripple blanket in a larger size now that I know I can actually do the pattern. Going to make it large enough for Curly to cuddle on by the couch so he'll maybe stop stealing mine, LOL This one I'm going to work on in three different colors, green, gray and dusty rose to match the other stuff in the living room.

Havin fun with it, and great peace therapy.!!