Friday, January 28

yay, it's Friday

I am sooooo glad it's Friday, not that the week was long or wretched really, I just was too tired at night to do any crochet, or even sit vertically on the couch after eating supper. I had my peace therapy crochet at lunchtimes, and put the edging on 7 of the squares of the 63 square afghan. It's amazing how classy they look now with the edgings on and I can see how nice the afghan is going to look.

I'm looking forward to quietness and playtime with my doggy of course and crocheting on the weekend. My dog just loves weekends when his mommy doesn't go anywhere. Either I'm getting old or more content, haha but that's a relaxing weekend for me. Finally I will have the time to start the Ripple-Along blanket this weekend so I'm anxious for that. mmmmm, with fresh coffee in hand, does it get any better? LOL The only yech of this weekend, is I have to do my taxes and get them off, but it'll probably only be a 30 minute job anyways. And want to do a bit of updating and graphics stuff on the blog if I have some time too. At least the weather warmed up bigtime today; was raining a bit and warm enough it wasn't freezing rain. Crochetville site seems to be down right now, so maybe I'll get that afghan started even tonite!
more goodies soon....and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)