Monday, February 7

Ripples and sick again sniffles

Well I've had a pretty brain-dead weekend,...most of it spent on the couch and at home sick from work today too.  I crocheted in spurts and took nap breaks, but I did at least finish my second ripple blanket.   Here's a pic of it on Saturday when it was about 2/3 done.  The colors work real well together.  I used RH SS mostly and a dusty rose color I had given to me at Xmas.  So 6 rows of rose, 4 sage, 2 gray and 4 aran..repeated that ripple pattern four times I believe.  It's the perfect size now for Curly....kinda lapghan size, and since it's the ripple pattern I'm calling it "Curly's Curly",  LOL.  I don't think he cares about the name, as long as it's his blankie, haha.


Took pictures of my felted bag which I finished last weekend too.

Here's the before (about 23x14):

and the after (about 16x14). It shrunk mostly widthwise.


So, first felting/fulling project a success.  I'm such a bag collector - it's like every day I grab a different one to drag my lunch, or books, or crochet project along where I'm going.

Anyways, starting, albeit slowly, on a round ripple afghan today..thinking this pattern might make a nice floor doily too actually.  I haven't done much on it yet, but so far it's easy to follow.

Keep smilin...til we meet again.