Monday, February 14

Weekend goodies

Not sure if I've just been lazy or tired or just goin steady on crocheting,
but it's about time I blogged something!  I find when I'm on the laptop
kickin back on the couch I <s>don't</s>can't muster up the oomfth to
sit up and type, but just read the blogs and crochetville posts. 

Anyways, I did get lots of crocheting done on the weekend, I finished off my
beautiful little ripple baby blanket,
using various colors of soft soft baby
yarn.  I used the round ripple pattern, which is a dream to work on.  This is a great pattern to use up leftover yarn from other projects.  I also started and almost finished another of the same one for a shelter animal gift for my snuggle blankie project I continuously work on.

I also made a little girl poncho using Chelle's Easy Lacy Shell Poncho pattern.
It really is an awesome pattern to make; and wonderful if you have a "need a quick gift" present to whip up.

and... I finally finished my purple scarf

which I started just as a work on whenever I have a few minutes thing. I did get kinda bored after awhile with it mostly because I'm sick of winter, and making a scarf just reminded me more of winter, LOL

anyways,....back to work here, but I wanted to post something while I was
vertical, haha.