Sunday, March 6

Birthday yummms

Check out this yummmmmmy birthday yarn stash of mine....mwhahahha..all mine.


I finally made the trip to Ram Wools. OMG is that a place of heaven or what!! I walked up to the door and the second I peeked in the
window of the door my jaw literally gaped open. Little did I know a sales lady was standing just to the side of the door and saw me do that,
so we were both laughing as I went in. I wandered up and down the aisles, looking, touching, petting everything, and I swear I could have
kept doing that and would find something new each wandering, LOL. I had a grand time. I picked up some of the Emu Superwash yarn that
Andrea had told me about. Yummy stuff. Also a few colors or sock yarn
so I will finally try making a pair of socks. More 100% wool for felting of course (I NEED more bags!! hehe)
Also some Patons Fresco stuff that will make great fringe for summer poncho or shawl. I had a wonderful time there,
it was a great birthday treat for me, sales ladies let me take my time, they're used to "our kind" of people me thinks!!

My friend had some treats in mind for me too. Cheesecake and pizza were only the beginnings. She knows that I absolutely
LOVE Tim Horton's coffee and got me a HUGEilicious can of it so I can have Tim Hortons coffee anytime my little heart desires. YAY.
And......something off my wish list - she drove across the city to find it, but woohoo, found it!


Isn't she beautiful? She's modelling a little cotton accessory scarf I made up last weekend. So far I'm calling her Miss She but
I may have to come up with a name for her.

So all in all I really did have a fun birthday, filled with lots of smiles and laughs and phone calls from friends and family.

I shall try to be better at posting this week, I've been lacking in the writing lately, but have been doing lots of crocheting.