Monday, February 28

lazy with words but racin' with crochet

holy crap I was a lazzzzzy blogger last week – got pics ready and every time I open blogger up my "writing brain" just locks up. Mind you, was a pressure week and work/deadline pressure is one thing and I can handle that no problem, but when it's pressure just from needless "bitch-biting" from some nag I just tend to back off and go into a quiet/leave me alone space.

Anyways,…I got pics of my little felted bag. Did it with 100% wool, the mauve was 100% virgin wool yet and oh so soft. The other wool is kinda scritchy-scratchy until it's felted. The bag is a perfect little "coffee break" bag, big enough for my book and little stuff, but not so big I'd get mugged carrying it (I hope). Geez, I can't stand the damn bums/drunks/losers who walk downtown. Sorry – sympathy is ZERO with a "get the hell away from me". Ok, vent over,…on to the happy little felted bag.

It was 15x11 before felting



The 100% virgin wool felted the best. All the comments I've had on it have been great!

Had a good crocheting weekend, made a little spearmint colored accessory scarf and a bandana type thing, both from the Knit.1 latest mag. I'll have pics of those this week. Also started a great little granny lapghan for a Christmas present! Woohoo, I'm on the ball with that so far.

Here also is my latest little round ripple – I'm calling it "Bumblebee on Daisy", LOL,…that's what the colors said they wanted to be!!


Totally cute – I'm lovin these for my shelter pet project.

Look at this little (getting bigger) guy in his happily-adopted home!! He was happy to model his blankie made specially for him..but looks rather surprised that the photographer felt it was necessary to disturb and wake him!!


will post more the meantime please SMILE at someone today!! It'll change your outlook and make the world a little happier if only for a moment.