Saturday, March 19

calling all seasons named "Spring"!!

Sigh,....wanting spring to arrive so badly!! I can't wait til I hear the first sounds of geese flying over my house - I'll be jumping for joy. Just seems my energy level is stuck on "hold" until then..all I want to do is crochet, read, and sleep. LOL, the perfect life description perhaps?

I've been crocheting a lot this week, working madly on a pattern I'm testing for a felted bag. I'll post pics once I get it felted and comments sent to the pattern writer. I must say, she's done a great job writing the pattern, and I hope she likes the colors I chose - I luv 'em.

Other than that, I finished a little afghan for my friend's girl - PINK.
It was such a great little pattern to work up, and I enjoyed it a lot knowing how much she will just be tickled PINK with it.

Also a few dishcloths during lunch hours..I found a color to match my kitchen, made two dishcloths out of it, then 2 round ones with colors mixed with the leftovers. Though when I took the pics, I noticed they're kinda boobie looking - so I'm calling them the nipple dishcloths, LMAO
good grief

hmm,...what else
Oh, I whipped up the little ladybug purse this morning (color changes on this were a pain in the ass though"
Just have to finish making the handles and put them on.

I have some work to do on getting the dates to show up on my blogposts again too :(

Well, back to making my little happy-ghan!! Pics of that when I finish.