Thursday, April 28

Fairy goddesses DO exist !

OOhhhhh, what a day yesterday! Turned from zero energy and umpfh all day to pumped right up after I opened the mailbox. What a nice surprise in amongst the junk mail and bills - a RAOK envelope from sunny California! I was smiling and thrilled before I even opened it. What a great feeling. It makes me even more excited to get finished on my RAOKs that I have "almost" got ready to send out, knowing that I can pass that thrill on to a few people too.
I received not one, but TWO kinds of Burts Bees lip balm...and immediately slapped some on my lips. It's awesome stuff, I was thinking it would be the same as other 'chapstick' types, but noooooo. It's zingy too. I love it. Also received a crochet pattern I have been dying for, and my fairy goddess made the most beautiful handcrafted card. Thank you thank you for putting some Californian sunshine into a cold bleary Winnipeg Jewels day!


I have a ton of pics and goodies to post over the weekend. My weekend starts tomorrow - wooooo, 3 day long weekend for this girl. First thing is to get my RAOKs together for mailing next week - yay!
My doggy will be sooooo happy to have mommy company for 24 hours a day. :)