Tuesday, April 19

Gifted myself today!

I had a 40% Michael's coupon so I GIFTED myself today, hehe
I had snowflake and bookmark thread patterns on my RAOK wishlist, so raok'd myself with one of them. BELIEVE me, it was a tough decision picking one of them only and not both. Here's what I chose:

I also bought myself a J-6.00mm BOYE hook to play with, I was missing that size, and since I've started using these hooks, I LOVE MY BOY(E)S,...hooks that is. I think I need a button for my blog that says that!! luv my boy(e)s..of course it's only crocheters that would know what it means, but that's all that matters, right? LOL

Have a wonderful rest of Tuesday,...I've got some bookmarks to start, and my next afghan too!