Wednesday, April 13

I've been RAOK'd !!!!!

Well, my day yesterday was made SO SPECIAL!! I was so surprised and excited when I saw RAOK written on the envelope, I ripped it open as fast as a kid at Christmas. My husband thought I was nuts when I was squealing "omg, omg, I can't believe it"...yes, I get excited. I am so touched that a "fairy goddess" has bequeathed me with something so cool. Ok...I'll tell you, was a Drop Spindle Kit with wool and even a picture of Buddy the soft babywool sheep who "wants me to enjoy his wool". I thought that was such a cool addition the maker of the kit did,..especially for an animal lover like me. I will put pics up by the weekend for sure, and brave some spinning!! Silly me, I was so excited last night I couldn't even concentrate enough to write this. What a goof hey..I'm just so not used to getting gifts, and I am so thrilled when another person does something so nice just for me. How cool is that,..