Monday, April 25

snowflake findings

yeeks, two kind of snowflake findings today, one made me shriek in delight - one made me shriek in horror...

It was so chilly out this morning our rain turned to snow....thankfully not for too long though but hasn't warmed up much at all. I want to be sitting outside crocheting thank you very much!!
However, the good stuff now...I did a trip to the used bookstore at lunch just to get out a bit, and lo and behold, they had a few crochet booklets! Look at my find!!!!!!
Yay, now I may be able to start joining in on Snowflake Mondays! (as long as they're the crocheted variety that is, LOL)

I'm pathetically slow but working on some RAOK's to get mailed in the next week or so.

Have a great Monday all and keep a smile on!