Wednesday, May 11

Adds to the stash flock

I've been crocheting lots, but haven't gotten my pics taken yet. Two shawls done and more bookmarks,...and other WIP's. I have to get back to my 63 square afghan yet too, all the squares are done and I think I have only a dozen or so to get the edging on and then put it together. Yay! Crocheting and reading are two of my main relaxations, and eating up the clock on reading other blogs and Crochetville as well.

I had a few additions to my flock too (stash flock) :)

My first NORO Kureyon wool and a swirl of matching Selkirk wool - from some overtime cash I went to Ram Wools and splurged on myself :)


and a great buy at a ValueVillage store...all this for $6 - good times!


6-50g balls of color 5807 Light Blue Patons 100% cotton Weekender yarn +
8 oz of 6strand White Buffalo 100% pure virin wool (haha...wouldn't ya know I made a typo on "virgin") LMAO

I had heard of the White Buffalo wool before and saw it in someone's blog where they made an awesome felted bag, so I think I'll do the same.

thanks for visiting...have a splendid-licious day!!