Sunday, May 29

Catchup not ketchup :)

hey everyone out there in blogdom!!

I had such a productive weekend, and still had time to do my fun things. I started looking for a few things and ended up clearing out a lot of crap out of my happy room - found some of my old crochet mags, even found my big 15 inch doily I had made a few years back. So I now have that showpieced on my round table. Of course I have to block it. I should have taken the pic with a coffee mug or something to show its size. I have to look thru my old mags that I found and find which pattern it was.


I also got a new battery pack for my digital camera so was able to take pics for my blog this week, and also Crochetville,
my second home, LOL. I love the posts and people there and just get so much inspiration to try new and more projects. If not for seeing all the ponchos and shawls there I probably wouldn't have made as many as I did.

Here's two of my shawls I finished in the last few weeks.

My beautiful "Evening Shawl"...


I found this pattern such a pain in the ass for the first nine rows always thinking I had done something wrong, then got confidence in the next ten or so rows and then flew thru the rest of the pattern repeats. I love the shaping of this shawl. I made it out of TLC Essentials baby - sport weight with a 3.75mm hook; used about 1 3/4 skeins. Here's the pattern
if you want to give it a go - the pic they have on the pattern page in no way shows how nice it actually is. I saw the one that Beth (Three Olives) made and thought it was gorgeous so decided to give it a try.

And the other shawl - Celebrity type like Deneen R.A.O.K'd me with. Made in Bernat Soft Boucle - color Mauve Shades. The pattern was quick and easy to follow and turned out beautiful in the boucle. I should have re-taken the picture with the shawl spread out better, but you get the idea. Yep, that's my back yard, one acre of trees and lawn for the h-man to mow while I'm crocheting and keeping watch, LOL.

25-celebrity shawl 

All excited cause I got 4 R.A.O.K.'s packaged up and addressed today and almost finished putting the 5th together. I'll get them mailed this week and then be sitting on pins and needles til they get to the RAOKees.

I'll update most of the threadwork I've been doing on another post, but don't you just love what I did to these jeans?


My friend's little girl, Brooke, LOVES pink, you've seen her modelling pink things here before gave me a pair of her jeans that had a little hole in them so I crocheted a bunch of little pink flower creations and sewed them all over the front and back. She's going to LOVE them, and be excited that she has something the other girls at school aren't wearing. I'm so excited to get them to her.

Bummer, my car's long part of the tailpipe rusted thru and hasn't fallen off but it sounds like my car is a jet engine instead of a car so I'll be dropping that off the the garage heros tomorrow.

I'm so behind on some of my blog reading too, so off now to catch up.

Have a happy!!