Friday, June 17

silly robin, but probably quite clever

Picture this, we live on 2 acres with tons of trees, and a silly robin decides to build her nest UNDER the deck!! The deck is probably about 6 feet above the ground. Brian thought it was a goofy brained robin but I think she might actually be quite cunning, cause there seems to be quite a lot of crows this year, and I think she decided under the deck the crows would NEVER find her nest. Pretty smart. Anyways, doggy has been sniffing around the top of the deck where the nest is so I thought the eggs probably hatched, and sure enough, I peeked under the deck and there was a bunch of little yellow beaks pointed up in the air. I'll try and take a quick digital pic of them, but want to do it with the flash off so I don't scare the crap out of the little buggers. Going to have to be verrrrry careful before mowing the lawn around that area. I'm so proud of the doggy for being gentle around where the nest is - too cool!!