Sunday, June 19

Baby robin update

Well I guess the robin eggs hatched a bit ago. I peeked under the deck on Saturday morning and this is what I saw.
Cute little buggers hey! I think there were 4, maybe 5 little birdies.

I cannot believe the timing of their being ready to come out of the nest and learn to fly. I came out on the deck with my cup of coffee and saw something flapping in the tree - omg, it was a baby on its first flight!! Looooooook

A few minutes later I could hear one running and hopping underneath the deck and sure enough he was learning to fly too. It was amazing timing to watch mother nature in action. Was cute as hell to watch, and also watch the momma robin keeping an eye on them and bringing worms for brekkie.

Later on we looked and there was only one left in the nest.
She found her bravery eventually cause the little nest is empty now.

What a show - and what a day!!