Monday, July 4

Owls & robins update

I'm so excited,...I think the mama robin has laid some more eggs in her nest. I think I remember hearing that robins have two batches of babies in the summer? She has started staying under the deck again lots and only seems to fly out when we go outside and the doggy "thunders" across the deck and steps. I don't want to risk anything by trying to peek under and in the nest to see if there are more eggs...robins have privacy acts too I think don't they?

I heard at least two of the owls in the early mornings on the weekend but they were in the trees at the other side of the property and I didn't want to donate two quarts of blood to the mosquitos attempting to find them and take pictures. Darn,...I'm sure the babies grew a lot over the last week or so and don't look baby-owlish anymore. I love having the bird sounds and different birds around the yard. I haven't been putting out the bluejays peanuts around the deck either like I usually do...again - the robin's privacy is at Defcon 2 til the next batch of babies flies.

The yellow finches bring a smile to my face every time I hear them. I buy that special niger seed, it's like candy to the little buggers (or cheesecake to me :) - they better love it like I think they do, it's damn expensive stuff. I have to get some summer close-up pics of them too, they're so tiny, and the brightest "canary" yellow.

Here's something yarn related since I'm yapping about the birds around here today - when I'm crocheting outside I always take the end snippets of yarn and just scatter them into the wind - I've seen robins and other little winged birds take them and use them for their nest!! That's so cool to see.

Well I'm starving and the pizza is cooled off enough to yum down my gullet.

Smiles to everyone...
crochet weekend update will come soon