Thursday, July 14

It's Christmas in July and I have an elf!!

I am beyond excited today....I opened my mailbox and an elf jumped out and hugged me!!!!!! Thank you for making my day, Xmas today with no snow or blizzards - yay!! I received a Jeffery Archer book - an author I have wanted to read and haven't yet, a beautiful handmade bookmark, a scrumpdeli-icious chocolate bar with almonds-YUM, and a sheepie handmade ornament which I absolutely love, also a special handmade card which has so much time put into the making of it that I am going to make a little hanging ornament of it as well. I feel wonderful today thanks to my special Christmas elf. You've made my day and my July. Oh, and a cute riddle for Chocoholics - how did you know I'm a chocoholic! See that little brown dot above the wrapper? That's what was left of the yummy bar at picture time.
Detective time to reveal my little elf, hehe.