Wednesday, August 10

Deneen meme'd me

I've been tagged by the lovely and talented Deneen!

5 Things I Miss from Childhood

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1) Kimberli New York
2) Yea, I knit...
3) Yarn Obsession
4) Yarns and Musings
5) Jewels crochet, thoughts and doings

1--cotton candy at the summer fair. It just doesn't taste the same now.

2--going to school and having homework (yah I know, I'm a sickie eh)

3--going to visit my grandma and grandpa in the city (always exciting to do even though it was practically guaranteed I'd get carsick)

4--my mom's homemade fudge

5--Mr. Hill(best friend's dad) taking me and my twin sister with their family when they went hunting for a Christmas tree to chop down. Thinking on it now I'm sure it was an imposition on their family outing but he knew we didn't have a dad and I think it was awful special that he did that for us.

hey - will someone tell me what the heck "meme" means anyways?