Thursday, July 28

random thoughts

I think a lot of people at Crochetville totally enjoyed the giving and receiving of all kinds of gifts during Christmas in July. It was a lot of fun reading the posts and squeaking in delight when I saw some of things I had sent out arrived. Personally that is just as exciting for me, and when I found myself having a bad day at work, and an empty mailbox and then being pouty, haha, I combatted that stupid feeling by sending out a gift the next day. Works for me.
I think Deneen did a totally awesome job on the organization of Christmas in July and can take some well deserved credit for its success. Thanks Deneen!!
Guess what? I challenged myself to a total RANDOM kindness act, I made a pretty thread bookmark and gave it to a complete stranger who I saw was reading a book at lunchtime outside on a bench. Brave eh? It's cool, cause I still see this woman at her breaks, always reading by herself, and it gives me a smile when I see my little bookmark poking out of her pages.
Five more work days til I have two solid weeks of vacation!!!! I can't wait and I am so looking forward to a rest with few obligations and committments other than crochet, my dog and just a relaxing enjoyment of life and "holding down the deck", LOL
I have some crocheted things I worked on on the weekend and have pics but having trouble with my graphics program to re-size them. Have to re-install that this weekend.
Keep smilin til I spill some more words!! and thanks for being here.