Saturday, August 27

I have an FO !!!!

I have had this pattern in mind to make for so long, it is from Crochet Fantasy #124 July 1998 magazine. And yes, when I bought the mag I wanted to make it and finally got it started this year. I felt like I could actually commit to making a large thread project. So many times I've started a large project, and given up and called it a doily. Always turned out nice, but I reallllllly wanted this tabletopper. So yay - I finished it today and it turned out perfect for my little decorator table in the kitchen.


and a closeup


I finished reading the Rule of Four book, it was a great novel for academic people, and seeing as I work with academics I think I enjoyed it more than other people might. Great summer reading anyways. I also finished reading the Secret Life of Bees on my vacation. I LOVED the book!! Two times they mention crocheting in it too, which of course I picked up on and gave me a smile. Today I started reading Debbie Macomber's "The Shop on Blossom Street" which I know I'll like a lot. Already do. I know I'm going to want to try the pattern out that she gives in the front of the book. There's also two books they published called "knit along..." which is the patterns mentioned from the books - neat idea. Now of course I need to get myself a copy of "A Good Yarn", the second in the series. I love picking out that next book I want to read while I'm still reading the last few. I have a book that I always and only read at bedtime, usually horror (go figure eh), and have another book for couch reading and bring to work reading at breaks. Always a book downstairs too, usually a short stories or true crime book, something I can pick up and start reading and get into fast.

Well, I hear a chainsaw running outside here, so probably more fallen tree cleanup and I should go help. And damn if one of those trees didn't put a hole right thru the roof a few weeks ago and he just discovered it now cause a shingle was covering it on his first inspection and now the shingle blew away in the last storm and he discovered a 6inch hole in the roof!! Holy crap, lucky that the hole ended up being over the soffit instead of my bedroom. That would have been a helluva mess having to put in a new ceiling after the downpour we had this week.

Have a great day all!!