Monday, September 12

update on life and lack of time thereof :)

Yikes, I feel like I'm falling behind in everything. With classes starting at the University last week I'm so beat by the time I get home that all I have the energy to do is supper, play with the doggy a bit and flop on the couch. Anyways, forgive me for my lack of blogging for awhile til I catch up on things.

I finished reading The Shop on Blossom Street on the weekend, now I'm itching for A Good Yarn so I don't miss the characters in the book.

I have a few doilies finished but have not yet taken pics or blocked 3 of them.

I started crocheting the Halcyon Shawl from Crochetme on the weekend. It is being made out of my luscious scrump-deli-icious Sirdar Yoyo yarn. That's the stuff that has the slowwwww gradation color changes like Joanne's Rainbow Boucle. It is absolutely wonderful to look at. I started the pattern, made 14 rows, did a stitch count and was off more than I could fudge back so, you guessed it - F.R.O.G. back to zero and start again. This time I was over-counting, if that's possible, and my stitch count is bang on. Success is happening - yay!!

Also finished the Rah-Rah cape last week. It looks so perfect from the back but I don't like at all how it fits me in the front.
I think it's a better bedcape so I'm going to send it to my mom. Will probably be a great shoulder warmer to keep on the couch when she's watching TV. God forbid if you ever phone her when she's watching Dr. Phil, LOL, she'll make ya call back.

My g/f from Ottawa is coming to see me on Friday for a few days so it'll be a weekend of coffee, cheesecake and chocolate!! I haven't seen her for about 5 1/2 years so yah, we're both excited. She's only her til Monday so we'll fit lots of words in those hours, LOL. We talk all the time on the phone though, but it'll still be nice to see her. The first stop we're doing is Michael's and the next is either one of the more expensive LYS. We're dying to go yarn shopping together. She knows how to knit but wants me to show her how to crochet so we will have SO much fun doing that. Then I can get her hooked on yarn too, hehe.

I've been keeping up with Big Brother 6 show - that finale is next Tuesday. Survivor starts this Thursday and Lost starts next Wednesday, so that's probably the only TV I have time for anyways.

I've started "knitting" a feather and fan scarf for my mom too,...that's mostly a lunchtime and coffee project, the knitting thing.

Oh, almost have my VERY FIRST EVER crocheted sock done too. It's looking good so far, just have to finish the toe and heel part. The only thing about making socks is the "pair" thing...I always like making one of something,...too much pressure of "Pairs" - I know that probably sounds dumb, but just always want to be starting something new after one is done. Probably a lot of you out there feel that too. Go on, admit it, I won't tell anyone. :)

Okay,, I actually wrote a blog entry!!