Monday, September 5

Long weekend thoughts

Well I was going to start crocheting my Halcyon shawl out of the Sirdar YoYo today but it's hot hot outside and the power is off. We had another helluva windstorm and rain last night around 2 am and as of 10ish this morning it is still off. Got up and needed coffee of course, so we boiled water on the BBQ to make it. It worked great too!! It was scary during the storm though, I woke up and just heard the sound of the windspeed blowing the trees and could imagine that trees were being blown down like the last storm, but thank goodness they all stayed standing.

Anyways, back to the Halcyon shawl. I'll put that on hold til a cooler day (and damn those are coming way too soon). I'm anxious to start it though so I can see the gradation in the yarn. Ridiculous price of $45 a ball, but I don't have a Joanne's here and the buggers won't ship to Canada so I can't get the beautiful Rainbow Boucle that everyone is making the Serapha Shawls out of. I still want to make one of those too, and desperately want to try the Joanne's rainbow yarn yet. I think a Seraphina in the dark pink and black and white colorway would go perfect with my work wardrobe.

So I did finish two oval doilies while drinking my morning javas this weekend. I found the pattern in an old magazine I picked up at at the used bookstore. Will post pics later. I want to get them blocking today. I found my little travel clothes steamer and it works perfect for blocking, so easy and fast. Will wait for the power and my energy to come on for that too.

I'm ready and with supplies to start my first pair of crochet socks!!ready-for-socks

The pattern I'm trying first is from the first issue of Crochetme. I know Deneen tried this one and had good success. I'm also trying out a bamboo hook for the first time. I was lucky to find the sock size, E, 3.5mm, in bamboo on clearance at Michaels for $2. I'm looking forward to trying out socks for the first time, even with the mugginess and heat and no AC for awhile, it is a small enough project that it won't heat me up.

Sigh...classes start at University on Tuesday so it's gonna be a "nutso" and exhausting week.

I'm still reading "A shop on Blossom Street" and liking it a lot. Perfect light summer reading. I'll have to wait for the paperback or check ebay for "A Good Yarn" cause I know I'll want to read it.

UPDATE - the power came back on around noon. Can't imagine being without power for days and all the rest of other devastation that the Katrina victims are going through.