Monday, October 24

About time...

Hey everyone...thanks for bearing with my busy-ness and writing block I've gotten through. I've been crocheting as always and trying to balance my time between all my "have-to"s and "want to"s, and my blogging got stuck at the end. I got so behind in reading blogs and keeping up at Crochetville too, so that feels overwhelming trying to catch up, leave comments and post. I guess we all have that though, life seems to get in the way.

I was so excited last week being gifted from my g/f in Ottawa sending me a box full of LOPI wool again. This was the stuff that wouldn't fit in her suitcase when she came in September. I worked on another Kellybag on the weekend and just have to finish the handles of that and felt it, so I'm all excited to use the tote. I will post pics of course.
And she sent me the coveted "Gestalta" artist's dummy from IKEA that I've been oogling over so I squealed with delight when I saw him.
Gestalta - Artist's Dummy

I have pics of all the projects I've been working on in the last few weeks, and will get them all posted this week. It'll be quiet on the homefront...Brian dh is out of town for the week so I should get caught up. The doggy, Curly, sure misses him when he's gone. funny story...I was telling some of my profs I work with today how I was a virgin all week with B out of town...doh, meant to say bachelorette... LMAO

have a great week everyone!! Good to be back, and hope you've stuck around for the new thoughts and doings.