Tuesday, September 27

my felted "Kellybag"

I was gifted with some Iceland Lopi wool when my g/f from Ottawa came to visit, so I started crocheting a tote with no pattern, and I actually finished it while she was here on her visit. She was learning to crochet so while she practiced I crocheted too.

Iceland Lopi Island Fleece 100% pure virgin wool
4 - 100g skeins used

20" length, 13" height, 9" wide, 9' I-Cord made with the giant "Cool Spool Super Knitter"

AFTER FELTING: (3 trips in the washer)
17" length, 9 1/2" height, 7 1/2" wide, 6' I-Cord

Oooh, it turned out beautiful. I shaped the sides like the infamous "Booga Bag". I was so proud of it, not only turned out but from my own "in head" pattern. She is sending me some more Lopi wool so I will be making my own Kellybag in awhile and will venture to write out the pattern while I make it. This kind of Lopi was very soft to work with too. If only I had a video of when my g/f Kelly was modelling the bag on the deck...we laughed ourselves into sore stomachs, LOL.

I still want to make the actual Booga Bag too, I have the proper size circs now, just have to get the Kureyon.