Wednesday, November 9

Pics can speak for me, LOL

Hi everyone,...I'm still catching up on all my blogreading and am pathetically behind on Crochetville though. Didn't help that I had troubleshooting to do at home on the computers and network and cords...finally figured out that the plug on the network cord was screwed. Wierd though because it did work on one laptop but not the others so it took awhile to troubleshoot that. Frustrating as hell.

Anyways, I have more pics to still upload from my camera, but these projects are some of my past few weeks of crochet.

This hat is from the FCEC mag - I used Paton's Divine instead of the "Solo" and it worked okay. I still have to play with the fit of it a bit, or maybe I just look like a dork in any kind of earflap type hat? The scarf is from the Interweave Crochet mag, very easy and quick.


A few little "Helene" hats from yarncat's site. Thanks for sharing your patterns with us Catherine.

Now I just realized that I may have posted these before. Slap me with a piece of yarn (silk please, LOL) if I have...